LizFitness is a fitness company based in Suva and carefully designed by Elizabeth Maki (or affectionately, Liz), to help people with their gym routines and lifestyle in order to achieve their goals, such as: building muscles, burning that undesirable fat or getting one of those bodies of Greek statues.

Elizabeth Maki
Elizabeth Maki

Our slogan: STOP WISHING! START WORKING!, has motivated tons of people around the world, who under our supervision, they can say today: I wanted it, I got it. Not only they’ve managed to have an ideal physical shape, but also to feel more confident with themselves. Their life changed considerably to be more secure and productive, resulting in desired promotions and finding love.

Liz wasn’t always the wonder woman we know today, she started out just like you and me. However, discipline and consistency are her weapons to fight against laziness, weakness and unhealthy habits. Her inspirational career has been the motto to become an example to follow. She transformed her life many years ago, and now she is willing to help you to transform yours.

Elizabeth Maki

So, remove your doubts and go for that dream body! Make the first step and contact us today!

train online with us!

Before signing up for our one-to-one online session, make sure you meet and accept the following requirements:

1. Good internet connection.

2. Be punctual, with training clothes, mat, water, and weights, or any other equipment if available.

3. If you are not ready the session will be considered off it.